The Block Firm Receives Preliminary Approval of $46.5 Million Class Action Settlement

Since 2022, The Block Firm has been pursuing a class action against Acella Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of NP Thyroid. The class action alleges that Acella knowingly distributed adulterated thyroid medication that did not contain the amount of active pharmaceutical ingredient Acella claimed. Improper dosing of thyroid medication can have serious health consequences, and the class action alleges that the drug was economically worthless.

On February 7, 2024, the district court granted preliminary approval of a class action settlement valued at approximately $46.5 million on behalf of an estimated 1.2 million class members, which will compensate class members for their economic injuries. In addition, class members will retain their rights to pursue personal injury claims against Acella. More information regarding the settlement can be found at the settlement administrator’s website:

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