Appellate Win for Civil Rights Client

Alongside our good friends at the Institute for Justice, The Block Firm prevailed against the City of Calhoun’s attempt to dodge a lawsuit challenging the city’s constitutional violations. City of Calhoun v Tiny House Hand Up, Inc., No. A23A0386 (Georgia Ct. App. 2023).


The underlying case seeks to vindicate the rights of a non-profit, Tiny House Hand Up, Inc., to build tiny houses on unused land. The city refused to grant permission because of concerns about “riff raff” who might move in. We sued under Georgia’s due process clause, which offers even more protection than the federal due process clause. The city sought to dismiss the case by claiming that the city clerk who agreed to accept service of the lawsuit was not actually authorized to so. The trial court, and now the court of appeals, rejected that argument, allowing our case to proceed on the merits.


The Block Firm is proud to stand up and vindicate our clients’ constitutional rights. If the government at any level has impaired your business, kept you from earning an honest living, or otherwise injured you, contact us to see how we can help.

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