The Block Firm Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Acella Pharmaceuticals Relating to Recalled Thyroid Medication

The Block Firm filed a class action lawsuit against Acella Pharmaceuticals over its recalled thyroid medication, NP Thyroid. The putative class representative, Sue Faulkner, began to experience significant hypothyroidism symptoms while taking Acella’s sub-potent NP Thyroid medication, which the company later recalled under pressure from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Acella has claimed for years that NP Thyroid is made with the highest-quality standards under FDA-prescribed rules for making clean and safe medicine. It has represented on its bottles that the medication meets certain manufacturing requirements, and that each pill contains a specific amount of active ingredient. Those claims were untrue.

The FDA has repeatedly cited Acella for quality control issues and rebuked Acella during an inspection that culminated in 2020 for not having a quality control unit at all. The class action complaint alleges that Acella consistently and knowingly sold defective products that caused significant injuries.

You can read more about the lawsuit in articles published by Bloomberg and Law 360.

The class could contain thousands of members. If you or a loved one has taken NP Thyroid manufactured by Acella, please contact us to determine whether you may be a part of the class, or how we can assist you.

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