Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment in Schools

Sexual misconduct is a major problem in Georgia schools. Did you know that every year multiple teachers are arrested in Atlanta for having sex with their students? Did you know that the major Georgia school districts collectively report hundreds of incidents of sexual misconduct in school every year? Did you know that some schools actively discourage compliance with laws designed to keep students safe from sexual violence at school? If you did, you are not alone. Based on information we have obtained during litigation discovery, our analysis of federal data, and analysis by subject-matter experts, the problem of sexual misconduct in schools is worse than a lot of parents and students understand. 

Students have a right to be safe at school, and that means being safe from sexual abuse and sexual harassment. One body of law flows from the federal statute known as Title IX, which generally requires schools to prevent known sexual misconduct by teachers and students. State laws can also impose similar obligations. 

Our firm has successfully represented many students who were abused by teachers and fellow students, leading to criminal prosecution of the abusers, financial security for the survivors, and policy reform at the schools. Please contact us if you or your loved ones have been harmed and would like more information about your rights. 

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