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Thyroid Class Action

The Block Firm’s investigation has uncovered years of unsafe manufacturing practices at Acella Pharmaceuticals, which led Acella to sell defective NP Thyroid with either too much or too little active ingredient. Among other violations of federal drug laws, Acella had no quality control unit and failed to monitor the amount of active ingredients T3 and T4 in its pills. Thyroid medication has a narrow therapeutic index, so it is critical for drugmakers like Acella to ensure their drugs actually contain the advertised amount of active ingredient. Either too much or too little active ingredient can cause serious injuries ranging from hair loss to heart problems and birth defects. Acella has acknowledged serious adverse events associated with its defective NP Thyroid.

The Food and Drug Administration has cited Acella for “significant violations” of federal drug laws and for selling NP Thyroid unlawfully. Acella has recalled dozens of lots of NP Thyroid, but not before the company intentionally sold thousands of pills to unsuspecting patients.

The Block Firm is pursuing a class action against Acella seeking economic damages on behalf of patients who purchased dangerous and worthless NP Thyroid. We are also representing patients who have been seriously injured by Acella’s defective drugs.

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