Complex Litigation

At the Block Firm, we know how to navigate big and complex cases. We seek out consumer class actions through which we can make large-scale impacts for real people and hold companies accountable. In those matters, we bring years of prior experience defending class actions to bear to craft and litigate our clients’ claims. At that same time, for our business clients, we have extensive experience with multi-party and multi-jurisdictional matters, including deep experience with antitrust matters. We excel at identifying and explaining options that will best position our clients to assert their rights or limit their liabilities when they find themselves swept up in big disputes with many moving pieces.

Representative Engagements

·      Lead counsel in nationwide class action against manufacturer of defective drugs, seeking to recover the full price of all defective drugs sold as well as individual recovery for personal injuries.

·      Created and executed an ongoing nationwide litigation strategy for a trade association of online merchants challenging the constitutionality of back-room deals between Amazon and state officials for the states to target out-of-state small businesses and not Amazon for taxes—a series of interrelated state and federal cases that has already resulted in one across-the-board win on the merits.

·      Counsel for a major poultry producer facing antitrust claims on several fronts, including an ongoing federal antitrust case in Illinois involving three class actions and more than a hundred individual opt-out plaintiffs.

·      Advise clients contemplating or facing multi-jurisdictional litigation that includes a Georgia connection on related options, and collaborate with co-counsel on overall litigation strategy as appropriate.

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    "Andrea is very insightful and an expert in her field. Truly a professional and a marvelous individual who always puts her clients’ needs first."

    Co-counsel in complex business litigation

    "Aaron is a fierce and creative advocate for his client. He knows the law cold, and you better too if you’re going to go up against him."

    Opposing counsel in complex litigation

    "I have worked with Andrea for over ten years and she is as good as it gets. She is a true partner to her clients, and consistently delivers top-notch results in an efficient and impeccable manner while maintaining the highest levels of integrity."

    Deputy General Counsel at International Bank

    "Aaron and Andrea are a fierce duo. They are honest, trustworthy, dependable, and fight for their clients tirelessly."

    Parent of Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

    “I didn’t know attorneys could do what you did for us. I am so grateful.”

    Parent of a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

    “I have enjoyed the times we have had working with each other on this case. You and your law firm are awesome. Sending love to each and everyone that worked on our case.”

    Plaintiff in a Title IX High School Sexual Abuse Case

    “When I say trustworthy and having your best interest at heart, the Blocks go above and beyond. I would recommend the Block Firm to anyone what a tough, understanding team behind them.”

    Plaintiff in a Title IX High School Sexual Abuse Case

    “Aaron and Andrea fought aggressively for our daughter until justice was carried out.”

    Parent of a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

    “Allison is everything you're looking for in an attorney. She's brilliant and insightful when it comes to the law, has a keen eye for detail, and most importantly she's a thoughtful and clear communicator, both with her clients and to the court."

    Co-Counsel in Representation of Fortune 100 Company

    “If we have a complex legal issue, we trust Max and the Block Firm team to provide excellent, practical advice to our business. Max delivers exceptional results, combining unparalleled legal acumen with approachability.”

    General Counsel, National Agricultural Corporation

    "Max has been extremely dedicated to helping us. He knows every detail of our case, and he not only understands the law and the situation, but we have always felt that he had compassion for the impact the lawsuit had on our family. He felt it. "



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